For over a century, the values of passion, quality and attention towards details have been the driving force of every activity of the Group and have been preserved and handed down to future generations, day after day.

The relentless quest for excellence, where the human factor is a vital element, has inspired the choices and initiatives of the Prada Group.

Every new project represents the opportunity to push the boundaries of the ordinary and explored solutions.

Innovation is the main goal shared by the company, its collaborators and suppliers and is based on a ceaseless teamwork in which experimentation and research lead to the development of unprecedented reinterpretations.

Made in Prada - Creating Beauty



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Precious heritage and tangible evidence of more than a century of research and creativity, the archives of the Prada Group represent a unique and inexhaustible source of inspiration and expression.

Clothing and accessories, raw materials, unique pieces, books and magazines. Spaces where present becomes a founding value for the future heritage.

All archives are continuously expanding and are also accessible in digital format through an IT platform to allow targeted and in-depth researches.


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