Operating in an ever evolving global market, the company hires its employees with an international approach, respecting and evaluating diversity in its social and cultural widest concept.

The Prada Group is represented all over the world by a mixed universe of cultures, skills and nationalities: an indispensable source of wealth and a fundamental strategic factor for competitiveness.

In this scenario, the passion, skills and intellectual curiosity of each person lead the Group throughout all its activities, which are always geared towards the interaction of the cultural and experiential knowledge of new talents with its own identity values.

The uniqueness of the heritage the Group is depositary of and the various abilities consolidated through the years allow every process to be executed with great dedication and care.


People_talents People_talents

The Prada Group is constantly in search of the best talents – at all skill levels and previous experiences – who would support the development of new growth projects and a successful vision for the future.

It enhances its employees’ potential and supports their aspirations through on-going international career opportunities, internal mobility and training programs.

The working method inspired by excellence promoted by the Group represents a practical performance tasks teaching as well as an instrument of growth for every employee.

This is how the members of the Group are involved in a process of collective growth.

remuneration and retention policy

The Prada Group's remuneration and retention policy is aimed at rewarding and retaining highly professional people, experienced managers, recent graduates and workers, with the certainty that the value creation is achieved on the medium and long-run through constant organizational learning and the consolidation of the collaborators' experience and skills.

The policy is characterized by a balanced combination of fixed and variable components, both direct and deferred over time, distinct by professional profiles and qualifications and harmonized for the needs of the different geographical areas.

More specifically, the Group's remuneration system is based on:

  • A periodic salary review, taking into account the overall competitiveness of the market with respect to the role occupied in the company, also taking into consideration internal remuneration fairness;
  • An annual incentive system that links the remuneration to the Company's economic results and individual performance;
  • Long-term incentive plans for key resources, linked to the profitability growth of the business on a three-year basis, aligning individual’s objectives with those of the shareholders;
  • Other specific incentive plans made for sales personnel and for the technical personnel specialized in the creation of seasonal collections;
  • Different benefit plans per country, which partially or totally integrate compulsory institutions (such as health and insurance sectors), and benefits that include social and family expenses support (such as public transport, cars, support for school grants, housing allowance, etc.).