Church’s challenges the most formal style rules throughout all chapters of its history. A contemporary luxury repository of a centuries-old tradition leads customers through a journey that dates back to 1873. The brand remains true to the spirit of craftsmanship and British attitude with its creations and by updating its style codes.

“St. Ives Waves”: Church’s 2020 S/S campaign


Timeless elegance and tradition

Manufacturing tradition and timeless elegance represent the distinctive elements of the style journey of Church’s shoes that began with its foundation in 1873. 



The handicraft heritage

That same year, resting on the family shoemaking experience specialized in the production of handmade men’s footwear dating back to 1675, the first shoe production laboratory was opened at 30 Maple Street in Northampton.

Impeccable style and British attitude

With its creations, Church’s becomes synonymous with an impeccable style that remains faithful to the aesthetic codes of its British attitude, without sacrificing the exploration of new areas of expression, playing with the combination of three primary elements: finest leather, classic taste and excellent cultural craftsmanship.

Attention to details

Symbol of British artisanal style, Church’s dedicates meticulous attention and care to every detail. Approximately 250 manual steps and 8 weeks of manufacturing are necessary to create one single pair of shoes.

Formal yet effortless style

An always-modern luxury that enshrines an impeccable tradition of a formal yet effortless style.