Prada Academy is an online and offline environment in which knowledge, skills, techniques, practices and innovative ideas are shared and developed to enhance talents and ensure the Group’s future growth.

The Prada Academy seeks to ensure the development of the ‘human value’ and to convey professional expertise with projects, tools and training modalities diversified for three macro areas: Craftsmanship School, Retail Training and Corporate Training. 

Craftsmanship School

Educational paths related to industrial production take place at the Craftsmanship School through courses dedicated to acquisition of footwear, leather goods and clothing manufacturing knowhow. The main goal is the protection and conservation of the wealth of knowledge and expertise that characterize the industry, passing them on to young artisans in order to introduce them to such professions that are crucial for the industry of luxury and strategic for the Italian economy.

Each path includes theoretical training (raw materials, manufacturing processes and techniques, such as technology, information technology and English language) as well as a practice applied on the field through activities hosted by the Group and its suppliers. 

Retail Training

In addition to the daily support of experienced personnel, the activities conceived for the retail staff include Prada Academy institutional training courses aimed to consolidate managerial and professional skills, knowledge of the product and customer service.

A particular focus is put on the adoption of new ways of communication and relations with costumers, resulted from recent investments in digital technology that involved the entire retail network of the Group and allowing the sales staff the instant access to a wide range of useful information and materials.

Corporate Training

Professional training dedicated to the members of the corporate area is centered on courses geared towards the enhancement of relational and behavioural skills aimed to achieve a more effective management of operational complexities.

Besides traditional theoretical training, every employee can access a digital platform that allows continuous and social training and development, through online courses, multimedia libraries, tutorials, blogs, online communities. This tool provides every single employee with an easy and ‘on demand’ access to  educational material.

Furthermore, within the program for the integration of new company’s employees in the Corporate and Manufacturing areas in Italy, the Prada Group organizes ad hoc paths in which classroom time – to know the history, the culture and the main company’s processes - alternate with visits to the industrial sites.