Contaminations, transformations and new creations: the sites selected by the Prada Group represent an example of a corporate philosophy that perceives the workplace as a space where history, culture, nature and respect for people combine generating architectural solution with a strong identity.

Know How

The values of passion, quality and attention towards details have been the driving force of every activity and are are echoed in its external relations.  The quest for excellence, where human factor is a vital element, has inspired the choices and initiatives of the Prada Group.

Special Projects

Curiosity, passions, intuitions: Prada Group’s special projects represent one of the preferred expressive languages to depict its universe, conveying its values and its vision in a relentless involvement of unique talents and experiences.


The Prada Group explores apparently distant universes going beyond ordinary pathway, consistently with its natural attitude. Among the most significant examples: Fondazione Prada, Luna Rossa and the collaboration with FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

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