The small rubber studs set on a deconstructed sole identify the iconic Car Shoe loafer since 1963. Stemming from a passion for race cars and fine handmade shoes, this timeless accessory has become part of the common imagery of travel and motors.

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Spring/Summer 2022 campaign


Passion for race cars and handmade shoes

In 1963 Italian artisan Gianni Mostile translates his passion for race cars and handmade shoes in a deconstructed loafer featuring a sole set on tiny rubber studs.

Passion and intuition

An innovation that encloses intuition and passion. Car shoe - always identified with the loafer that has rapidly become a cult accessory, has been chosen by members of the jet set and prestigious politicians, such as John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Giovanni Agnelli. 

reinterpretation of casual style

The iconic loafer has represented the starting point for Car Shoe’s personal interpretation of casual style through an extensive range of products.

Artisanal technique and quality of the materials

Distinctive soles and comfortable design embody the essence of Car Shoe, while quality materials, shape and precision of artisanal technique are the added value. A combination of elements that provide the inspiration for future collections.

Passion and excellence between leisure and travel

Car Shoe footwear expresses uniqueness with all its styles, featuring a constant attention to details, symbolizing a style that blends passion for sports and artisanal excellence, suggesting evocative imagery halfway between leisure and travel.


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