Along the years, the Prada Group has dedicated spaces from his Milan and Valvigna headquarters to the Historical Archive, storing samples of clothing, shoes and leather goods.

The clothing archives hold a total of 52,290 items from all the Prada Group collections, divided into Collection and Runway Archives - and over 10,850 archive glasses and 14,820 research pieces.

The Collection Archive cherishes the most iconic and significant items from all product categories, divided by brand and season: knitwear, jersey, women’s and men’s clothing, outerwear, skirts, pants, ties, accessories, and underwear. The Runway Archive includes Prada womenswear and menswear looks and Miu Miu womenswear with items dating back 1990 and a selection of pieces created for artistic and film projects. Taking care of archive pieces is critical for the Group. Ready-to-wear items are scrupulously preserved and periodically checked to verify their state of conservation over time. Dresses made of the most exquisite fabrics and finely decorated are stored in dedicated boxes.

Valvigna hosts the Prada Group’s Footwear Historical Archive, with items dating back to 1986, featuring a collection of over 67,000 shoes by Prada, Miu Miu, Car Shoe and Church’s.

Each piece is catalogued by type or brand in over 244 sliding wardrobes and marked with a barcode allowing to retrieve every information about the product.

The Leather Goods Archive comprises 60,000 pieces including handbags, travel goods and a wide selection of accessories, such as hats, belts, gloves, wallets, umbrellas, scarves and jewelry. Unique pieces created for film collaborations, like Baz Luhrmann’s Australia and The Great Gatsby, and Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel are also part of the archive.