In the garden factory of Valvigna, Tuscany, architecture explores the uncontaminated relation between constructions, rigour of design and freedom of natural elements. The restoration of a damaged environment and the mitigation of the impact of buildings on landscape are the priority.    

The industrial headquarters in Valvigna hosts the production division and the development of the Prada and Miu Miu leather goods collections, the warehouses for raw materials, the historical archives of the leather goods and footwear collections, the offices for general services and industrial administration, an auditorium, systems areas and the Prada Group
data processing centre.

Structural continuity between interior and outdoor spaces, dialogue between man and nature. Valvigna garden factory encompasses the highest expression of all the key themes of Guido Canali’s philosophy, also revealed in his previous projects.

Workplaces are areas specifically conceived for people. Design creates a balance between green spaces and interiors based on the rigour of architectural design and the freedom of natural elements. 


Spaces live in harmonic proportion, punctuated by ‘suspended’ roof gardens, places to rest and get in contact with nature.  Green steps, dirt tanks with row of vines, perspective cuts and glass ceilings that play with light, terracing and scenographic backdrops that embrace the structure offering workers the feeling of living in an harmonious and pleasant space contributing to mitigate the impact of the industrial complex on the surrounding hilly landscape, also acquired and reclaimed by the Group to preserve its original natural beauty.


In July 2016, the industrial complex of Prada Valvigna won the prestigious Brand&Landscape Award, the recognition established by the National Council of Architects in collaboration with international magazine Paysage Topscape, that celebrated the factory for being an “expression of great respect for nature, which is safeguarded and preserved, as well as for work, to which dignity and value are attributed”.