The Prada Group Library was originally established in Tuscany as a small collection of volumes and was subsequently moved to Milan in 2001, to become a company’s source of creative inspiration and research.

The library today holds a total of over 43,000 volumes - some of which dating back to 1894 - and it includes DVDs, catalogues as well as magazines, divided by topic: fashion, customs, art, photography, architecture, design, jewelry, fabrics and prints. In addition, the library conserves all the corporate look-books for both Prada and Miu Miu collections, from the earliest shows up to the present day.

A methodical research and acquisitions activity ensures that this precious heritage undergoes constant expansion, with books collected by topic, magazines by publication and date, representing an irreplaceable value for the entire Group. Indexed thanks to a special software, all volumes may be consulted inside the library or borrowed by each company’s department.


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