Prada Nylon

«Suddenly nylon started to look more intriguing to me than couture fabrics. I decided to introduce it to the catwalk and it challenged, even changed, the traditional and conservative idea of luxury. I am still obsessed with it.»

Miuccia Prada

photo by Albert Watson

Prada’s aesthetic evolution chooses nylon as its preferred form of expression.

A synthetic fiber that generates a functional, resistant, shiny and tactile fabric borrowed from the world of workwear and transformed, by Miuccia Prada, into the best known symbol of her subversive approach to refinement. 

Prada Nylon adv campaigns through the years

Since the 1980’s, her iconic collection of nylon handbags led the world to reconsider the main fashion trends. 10 years later, Prada introduces nylon to its men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections, making of it one of the most recognizable codes of the brand.

Today, nylon represents a founding principle of its modernist design language, capable of skillfully liaise with noble materials, such as saffiano leather.

“Black Nylon” advertising campaign photos by Willy Vanderperre

To this day, the fabric represents and original and innovative approach to the way Prada thinks about fashion, epitomizing the unwavering tendency to change as the natural expression of our society.

A symbol of the fluid interpretation of luxury that has maintained its disruptive, transgressive and provocative force through time and relies on creativity to push industrial processes towards new horizons.



prada Nylon farm A futuristic film project featuring the emblematic Prada Nylon fabric

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