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Nowadays sustainability topics, particularly environmental and social ones, are shared at every level, ranging from individuals to institutions. Even more significant, they represent sound values that transcend all cultures.

Corporations, a basic component of civil society, as well as families and public institutions must share full responsibility for the profound change underway and must contribute to an improvement in the living conditions of the future generations.

The Prada Group took on this commitment long ago with projects that have been well received both by the local communities, where our manufacturing facilities are located, and by a wider public that has participated in our cultural initiatives, sharing with us the fundamental values of our civilization: in essence, the beauty of nature and the grandeur of the human spirit.

Nevertheless, we believe that it is necessary to continue to dedicate growing efforts to the pursuit of each of the challenging objectives in which the United Nations has articulated the project for a sustainable world where, as suggested by one of the founding fathers of our culture, relationships among people and with nature are inspired by the principle of “frui” (enjoyment) and not “uti” (use).




Carlo Mazzi
Chairman of Prada S.p.A. 
Milan, March 18, 2020