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Many years ago, when we in Prada began to talk about sustainability, it was still an uncommon word even as many people were talking about and dedicating themselves to numerous related issues.

Indeed, in "Meditations", Marcus Aurelius clearly expresses the moral obligation to treat Others and Nature with respect, as other great men had before him.

Basically, sustainability is a matter of ethics: therefore we have to face it with humility, while always reminding ourselves that it is an end, and not a means to entertain our illusory image.

In other words, we certainly need to evaluate what has been achieved, but we need above all to study what has not been done yet and how to accomplish that.

Nowadays this task has been made easier by a heightened awareness of the significance and purpose of a sustainable world, with the false conflict between sustainability and economic efficiency no longer relevant.

Economic efficiency is the art of being able to interpret the demands of the young generations, which now require new ideas for striking a balance between the necessities and rights of a rapidly growing world population and natural resources that can no longer be wasted.

The Report on the activities of the past year is fundamental for evaluating our work in the environmental, social, humanitarian areas, essentially on justice, and it does not end with itself but rather represents the basis of a project that will continue to develop in the future.

I conclude my thoughts by recalling the teachings of Confucius, which begin with self-evaluation, evoke moral teachings instilled by tradition and tend to satisfy collective needs instead of individual ones, to achieve a harmonious relationship with Nature. They are the response to disorientating doubts because they dissolve the discord, the confused complexity of this era in which we are too often incapable of connecting with others, with reality, with Nature; in a frank, sensible, humane, sincere, firm and courageous manner, as Confucius taught his disciples, recommending always to preserve coherence through study.




Carlo Mazzi
Chairman of Prada S.p.A. 
Milan, April 16, 2021