Sustainability is a wide-ranging subject that covers environmental and socioeconomic issues, ethics and justice, as acknowledged by the United Nations with its setting of “17 Sustainable Development Goals” .

All aspects are essential for the harmonious development of society: every business is first and foremost a member of the society in which it operates, and must seek balance and coherence within that society to embark on a common journey of development. 

Each business needs to concentrate on the areas where it can give the greatest possible contribution based on its competencies.

The Prada Group has a strong sense of corporate responsibility for three sustainability pillars: people, environment and culture.

In pursuit of value creation while striking a balance between business objectives and societal demands, in 2018 Prada kept up the typical aspects of its sustainability process, such as support for Fondazione Prada's cultural initiatives and the commitment to high-quality workplace relationships, and it opened up to new areas of interest, such as medical and scientific research.

Investments continued to be made in the energy efficiency program, and new environmental projects were set in motion whose impact in terms of reduced resource consumption will be evident in the next few years.

Prada S.p.A.'s Board of Directors has recently passed a resolution to adopt a Sustainability Policy that underlines and promotes, both internally and within its sphere of influence, the most important ethical values and priorities for action within the scope of corporate social responsibility.




Carlo Mazzi
President of PRADA S.p.A. 
Milan, 15th March 2019