Pioneer of a philosophy of action that transcends fashion, the Prada Group inquisitively observes the contemporary society and its interactions with the most diverse and apparently distant cultural spheres.

A fluid perspective that becomes the manifesto of the Group suggesting a new approach to doing business by placing at the core of ethical and action principles essential values as freedom of creative expression, reinterpretation of the existent, preservation of know-how and valorisation of people’s work.

Shaping a creative vision

The Prada Group serves as a contemporary interpreter of changing scenarios. In a three-dimensional temporal dialogue, that combines identity heritage of the past with demands and dynamics of the present and future perspectives, creativity moulds ideas that transcend the boundaries of the ordinary and create an innovative vision of tomorrow.

“Thorough observation and curiosity for the world around us have always been at the heart of the creativity and modernity of the Prada Group.

In society, and thus in fashion, which is somehow a reflection of it, the only constant is change.

The transformation and innovation of references, at the core of any evolution, led us to interact with different cultural disciplines, at times apparently far from our own, allowing us to capture and anticipate the spirit of the times.

Today this is no longer enough: we must be the drivers of change, with the flexibility required to translate the demands of the market and the society into tangible actions that inform our way to do business.”


Miuccia Prada & Patrizio Bertelli

Group's DNA


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The Prada Group is synonymous with innovation, transformation and independence. These principles offer its brands a shared vision in which they are able to express their essence. A complexity of visions that has broaden the horizons of luxury, without any fear of facing contradictions, re-workings and passions.


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Researching always unexplored solutions,the production activities of the Group are grounded in a know-how that is firmly rooted in a century-old tradition. The artisanal spirit of the creations by the best manufacturers goes hand in hand with technology and is cleverly introduced in an industrial organization.


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The Prada Group – in every action – is geared towards excellence. A mental attitude that leads people to seeking perfection in their work, refining and surpassing the results previously achieved.


4 .

Passion, curiosity, obsession for details and expertise are the distinctive traits of the employees of the Prada Group. In every area, the Group seeks a diverse universe of cultures and abilities able to revive intellectual curiosity and interpret the evolution of contemporary society.


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Art, philosophy, architecture, literature and film are just some of the cultural disciplines that represent continuous sources of inspiration for the Group. A network of connections that broaden the horizons to subvert schemes, boldly challenge expectations and create scenarios able to cross over ordinary territories.


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The Group is committed to promote a business culture oriented towards sustainability, leading economic development and innovation with behaviours that are in harmony with the places in which it operates and by respecting the people, the environment and the society.

Discover our CEOs vision on culture and workspaces designed for the well-being of our employees


«You have to understand deeply what does it mean not being sustainable. Culture is the only way.»

Miuccia Prada

«The main strategy was to integrate the architectural structure with the territory. Quality can only come from the quality of the work environment.»

Patrizio Bertelli