Founded in the early 2000s, the Prada Group Academy is an online and offline environment in which knowledge, techniques, practices and innovative ideas are shared and developed to enhance talent and ensure the Group’s future growth.

The Prada Group has designed training courses for its employees, creating an internal Academy structured into master classes, on-the-job and online training for the development of technical skills and the preservation of artisanal and industrial know-how.

The Academy has recently started up a training program fully dedicated to the various aspects of sustainability, a topic that has become strategic at all levels throughout the various business functions. 

The Prada Group Academy is structured into three areas: Industrial Academy, Learning and Development Academy and Stores Academy.


The Industrial Academy offers courses focusing on the development of manufacturing know-how for footwear, leather goods and clothing.

Its main goal is to protect and preserve knowledge and to pass down the expertise of the fashion industry to young generations of artisans (from 18 to 25 years old).

Each course includes theory lessons (on raw materials, manufacturing processes and techniques), as well as practice hours hosted by the Group and its suppliers, to develop the highest quality standards.


Professional training for the members of the Group’s corporate area is focused on courses geared towards the enhancement of relational and behavioral skills.

Besides traditional theory training, every employee can access a digital platform allowing continuous learning and development through online courses, multimedia libraries, tutorials and online communities, providing an easy and on demand access to educational materials.

Within the program for the integration of the company’s new employees in the Corporate and Manufacturing areas, the Group organises an “On-Boarding experience”, consisting of ad hoc classes conducted by the company’s management, which include on-site visits to the industrial sites.


The Stores Academy training courses aim to consolidate managerial and professional skills, product knowledge product and customer services.

A particular focus is dedicated to fostering the relationship with the client: continuous investments in digital tools and software allow the sales staff to offer an increasingly exclusive customer experience, in line with the brands’ values.

The educational approach has been redefined to engage multi-channel narratives (e-learning, gaming apps, workshops, etc.), able to adapt to the new learning and interaction needs of store personnel, thus encouraging their engagement and sense of belonging to the Group.

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