The continuous research for passionate individuals to introduce in every area is essential to the creation of a strong and cohesive work team. Throughout their journey, employees develop a strong sense of belonging consistent with the values of the Group, characterized by a culture of know-how geared towards excellence and experimentation.


Working in the creative department of the Prada Group means being able to see things from always-new perspectives and to exercise highly critical thinking. Our ideal candidate has innate curiosity and creativity, knows fashion and trends and is driven by a relentless desire to discover new things in all areas. The ability to work well in highly international teams as well as to be able to independently organize one’s work, are other essential requirements for this profession.


Excellent knowhow, manual abilities, passion and desire for experimentation are the core values that the Prada Group seeks in its collaborators involved in manufacturing activities.

New talents have the opportunity to be constantly supported by long-standing experience figures in manufacturing; learning from them and having access to innovative manufacturing processes in product development, management of raw materials, production optimization to obtain innovative reinterpretations of excellence.


The interest to broaden the knowledge of the product and the market, the aptitude to connect with an international clientele are, along with the passion for sales, essential requirements to work in the stores of the Prada Group. Possessing highly developed organizational, relation, communication and problem solving skills, our collaborators will benefit from access to innovative and digital tools that will improve the relationship with customers. 


Effective administration of the complexities of the managerial and strategic context, communication and organizational skills, knowledge of fashion and trends throughout the different markets are the essential requirements that qualify for the professional positions offered in the corporate field, merchandising, visual, retail management, communication, marketing or digital e-commerce.

The required skills for the staff areas - administration, human resources, IT and legal - are ability to manage priorities, inclination towards problem solving, besides technical-specialist skills specific for each single function.