Marchesi has embodied Milanese style since 1824. Excellent specialties, elegant spaces and impeccable service have accompanied moments of conviviality imbued with artisanal taste and sophisticated creativity. To its historic store in Via Santa Maria alla Porta, has been added two other stores in Via Monte Napoleone and in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, and the recent destination in the heart of London, in the prestigious Mayfair district.

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Marchesi 1824 - Making of Panettone


Today as then

Marchesi 1824, one of the oldest and most renowned pastry shops in Milan, this year celebrates two hundred years of activity. Founded in 1824 by the Marchesi family, the historic pastry shop immediately earned an excellent reputation due to its excellent artisanal products and the artisanal production of Panettone, the typical Milanese dessert.

Spirit of research

Traditional recipes that rely on long-standing knowhow are reinterpreted with a contemporary style. 
Breakfast, lunch, cocktails, a confectionary and savoury selection, chocolate and sweet specialties, as the famous Panettone, are just some of the delicacies offered by Pasticceria Marchesi and always enhanced by a spirit of research.

Good taste and attention to details

The meticulous attention to details defines the good taste of Pasticceria Marchesi in its every expression. Impeccable service, pastry decoration, dishes presentation, window display and iconic packaging featuring pastel shades and gold leaf finishing.

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