A visit to Scandicci - Leather Masters

Scandicci factory is dedicated to the entire production cycle of handbags and leather goods.

All the stages of the production are carried out in this facility, from the creation of the prototype to the development of the model, its manufacturing and facility testing. A closely monitored integrated supply chain ensures maximum levels of quality.

Scandicci is a center of excellence dedicated to the production of Prada men’s and women’s collections, including exclusive articles made from precious skins and some special made-to order items.

During the prototyping, the pattern is printed and transformed into CAD in order to cut the materials necessary for the creation of the product.

A technician makes the first sample, which is subject to a meticulous examination, optimizing the production process. 

An accurate quality control to verify the compliance of raw materials is the foundation of the stages of the production, beginning with the cutting.

Accurate quality control of raw materials
Cutting of single components

In an automated center comprised of 20 machines, technology meets the competence of the operators, who carefully follow every single step.

Cut leather undergoes thickness lowering and skiving to achieve the optimal thickness of the single components, which are then glued with the reinforcements.    

The dyeing stage consists in coloring the leather hem to ensure a perfect finishing of the edge.

Coloring the leather hem
Assembly with a mould support

The assembly is a teamwork of assemblers and machinery operators who engage in the very heart of the artisanal activity that young generations of technicians learn working side by side the leather masters, recovering traditional local manufacturing professions.

The “assembly with a mould support”, in which a wooden silhouette is used as frame for the construction of the sample and the “metal frame assembly”, a precision processing for the insertion of bag zipper closures, are just a few examples.

Finishing and testing are the final stages, during which every handbag is examined to verify its compliance to the brand’s quality standards.

Metal Frame Assembly

The reverse stitched bag is gently turned by hand    

Developed over a surface of 11,600 sqm., the structure has been designed with respect for the environment and features state-of-the art equipment, including a photovoltaic system that provides 25% of the employed energy, a solar panel installation for water heating and a system dedicated to the recycling of wastewater and rainwater harvesting that allows a 50% reduction of water consumption.

Furthermore, intensity of interior artificial lighting is automatically regulated according to the level of natural light and extractors positioned by working stations are equipped with photocells that activate only at the presence of the operator.    

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