Our sustainability journey

Sustainability Report

In 2013, before any mandatory requirement, the Prada Group publishes its first Sustainability Report.In 2015, the document was drawn up in compliance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Shaping a Future

Since 2017, the Prada Group has promoted a series of cultural events entitled "Shaping a Future" with the aim of stimulating a debate on the most significant changes taking place in contemporary society.

Prada Re-Nylon

In 2019 the Group presents Prada Re-Nylon collection, reaching, at the end of 2021, the full conversion of the production of virgin nylon into regenerated nylon.

Fur-Free Policy

The Company, in 2019, announces Fur Free policy for all its brands, starting from the Spring/Summer 2020 Women’s collections.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Prada Group establishes, in 2019, the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council helping to bring more voices into the Group's processes, projects and products. In 2020, the company appoints Malika Savell as Chief D,E&I Officer for Prada North America and, starting from 2021, engages in  promotion and training programs for talents, with the goal of increasing diversity representation.

Fashion Pact

In 2019, the Prada Group signs the Fashion Pact among its first signatories, to pursue concrete objectives in terms of climate, biodiversity, and ocean.

ESG Loans

Prada S.p.A. is the first company in the luxury goods sector to take out a series of Sustainability-linked Loans. To date, the Group has signed three agreements: in 2019 with Crédit Agricole, in 2020 with Mizuho and in 2021 with UniCredit.

The Valuable 500

The Prada Group is the first fashion luxury player to join The Valuable 500, the global community putting disability on the business leadership agenda.

Climate Strategy

In 2020, the Prada Group measures its Carbon Footprint for the first time. In November 2021, during the Capital Markets Day, the Company presented its Climate Strategy according to a series of emission reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

Reinforcing sustanability governance

In 2020, Lorenzo Bertelli takes the role of Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of Prada Group. In 2022, the Board of Directors of Prada S.p.A. establishes the Sustainability Committee, to obtain support in assessments and decisions on sustainability-related issues.

Dorchester Industries Experimental Design Lab

The Prada Group and Theaster Gates, artist and Chairperson of Group’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, in 2021 presented the Dorchester Industries Experimental Design Lab, a three-year programme which aims to support and amplify the work of designers of color across the creative industries.

The Textile Exchange membership

In 2022, the Prada Group has become Member of Textile Exchange, the global nonprofit organization in the fiber and materials industry that guides companies towards a more purposeful production from the very start of the supply chain.

Leather Working Group membership

The Prada Group became member of the Leather Working Group (LWG) in 2022, further strengthening its commitment to a more sustainable raw material sourcing.

Prada Eternal Gold

In 2022, Prada presented Eternal Gold, the first sustainable fine jewelry collection using 100% certified recycled gold, increasingly responsible practices across its value chain.

Prada Group x UNFPA

Prada Group and UNFPA, in 2022, launched a pilot of the training programme “Fashion Expressions: The Stories She Wears” that aims to provide young women from Ghana and Kenya with valuable knowledge and practical skills in the fashion industry.

Re.Crea Consortium

From 2022, the Prada Group is founding partner of Re.Crea Consortium, which has the main objective to manage end-of-life textile and fashion products and to promote the research and development of innovative recycling solutions.

The Collective Virtual Power Purchase Agreement

A forerunner of technological innovation and green energy transition, the Prada Group in 2022 announced the Collective Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (CVPPA) initiative along with other signatories of The Fashion Pact.

Partnership with Forestami

From 2022, the Prada Group supports the award-winning urban forestation project Forestami, which plans to plant 3 million trees in and around Milan by 2030. In the three-year period of 2023-2025, the collaboration between the Prada Group and Forestami extend to the creation of Forestami Academy training programme for citizens.


    Prada Group's sustainability strategy is the blueprint of a long process of growth and enhancement for the planet, people and culture and it is designed to further build up and reinforce this commitment with ambitious targets. 

    We commit to shaping our operations to reduce our footprint

    Mitigate our impact on climate change

    Preserve the ecosystems

    Embrace circular thinking 


    We commit to an inclusive, creative and fair workplace

    Champion diversity and promote inclusion

    Foster creativity and know- how preservation

    Ensure wellbeing and fair workplace

    We commit to sharing our values and to build a sustainable society

    Contribute to cultural debate

    Further sustainability literacy

    Inspire scientific evolution


    we commit to engaging with our partners to strengthen our sustainability paths

    for PLANET

    The "for Planet" strategy sets out environmental impact reduction goals, extensive use of alternative low-impact materials for both finished products and packaging, and an approach more geared toward circularity for the materials used in production and production scrap, which are reintroduced to new circuits and reused. The Prada Group's strategy also focuses on raw material traceability and continuous improvement in social and environmental standards along the supply chain, thanks to close collaboration with suppliers, also for the purpose of reducing their environmental footprint. 

    for PEOPLE

    The "for People" pillar comprises initiatives to promote and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion are also foreseen, including advancement of an inclusive culture based on respect for each person at every level of the organization and in the fashion industry in general. It also includes a long-term investment to preserve craftsmanship and develop new talents, positioning Prada Group as a beacon of excellence for new generations. Respect for and protection of the Group’s workers and business partners is another key element, along with greater monitoring of employee engagement levels to improve employees’ personal and professional wellness. 

    for CULTURE

    The “for Culture” pillar summarizes the Prada Group’s constant investment in the preservation and dissemination of Italian and international cultural heritage as well as the natural and scientific ones, reiterating the Group’s active role as populizer and educator even in those areas of research dedicated to actively contributing to the application of sustainability principles.


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