Design archive

The Design Archive represents a unique heritage kept in over 6,000 sq.m in Arezzo, Tuscany, and is divided into Sample Archive, Model Archive and Historic Furniture Archive.

The space houses the scaled concepts of the new stores of all the brands of the Group at a 1:1 scale and the most special shop windows displays to study every aspect of the project in detail before its realization.

Exemplars of research materials employed for the development of stores and architectural projects of the brands are kept in the Sample Archive. An extensive range of wood, metals, fabrics, paints, encaustic paintings, glass, plastic materials, marble and stones.

The Model Archive counts hundreds of scale architectural models, complete with furniture and finishing. An operating Model Laboratory featuring state-of-the art computer equipment that allows modeling and 3D printing.

The Historic Furniture Archive includes unique fine furniture and furnishing accessories, which provide a source of inspiration for all design activities. 

The Design Archive as a whole collects nearly 10,000 items.


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