Since 2017, the Prada Group has hosted two cultural events with the aim of stimulating a debate on the most significant changes taking place in contemporary society. In both editions, Prada collaborated with the Schools of Management of Yale and Politecnico of Milan.

The first Conference, entitled “Shaping a Creative Future”, was held in Milan on March 20 and 21, 2017 and, in front of an audience of over 300 students, professors, professionals, entrepreneurs and journalists, focused on the analysis of new possible connections between creativity, sustainability and innovation.

The conversation focused on four engaging topics: “Brand heritage and market value”, i.e. the influence of the history of a brand over its products and the preservation of artisanal skills; “Design for sustainability through innovation and tradition”, the marriage of tradition and innovation to achieve sustainable results; “Sustainability and value creation”, innovation and sustainability as key factors for the creation of value; “Driving creative excellence”, which examined leadership as an inspiring element for creativity and innovation.

The conference was anticipated by a dynamic work session, resumed in the discussion of the next day, in which representatives of business and associations met with the professors and students of the two Universities to develop a critical perspective on sustainability and innovation. 


On November 20, 2018, the second conference entitled "Shaping a Sustainable Digital Future" was presented in Milan. In this occasion, the Group explored the interplay between sustainability and digital innovation. Business leaders and representatives of institutions and international organizations debated the overarching theme, offering their insights and experience in trying to analyze how technology contributes to the sustainable development of business and society and, at the same time, reflecting on the pressing risks in terms of sustainability posed by technology’s onward march.

During the months preceding the event, both business schools partners of Prada launched a student contest open to an extensive audience of students (mainly graduate students) who were invited to develop insights on the theme of the conference.