Fashion Pact


The Fashion Pact unites CEOs of global leading companies from the fashion and textile industries committed to ambitious environmental common objectives focused on three main pillars: the fight against climate change, the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of the ocean.

The coalition, born from the belief that only collective action can change the environmentally harmful impact of the fashion industry, has gained momentum, bringing together an estimated one third of the entire sector.

“Being part of this coalition makes us continually improve the analysis of our environmental impact and helps us to strengthen the relationship between company departments, to facilitate the implementation of concrete sustainable projects in scope with the Fashion Pact."

LORENZO BERTELLI, Prada Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

 The Fashion Pact defined concrete targets in three key areas that are crucial for the preservation of the planet:
  • Stop global warming: by creating and deploying an action plan to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in order to keep global warming below a 1.5°C pathway;
  • Restore biodiversity: to restore natural ecosystems and protect species;
  • Protect the ocean: by reducing the fashion industry’s negative impact on the ocean through practical initiatives.


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