Prada Mode

Prada Mode is a branded, culture-themed event platform featuring music, conversation, food, and fashion that generates site-specific experiences in concurrence with diverse global cultural events.


On March 27 and 28, on the occasion of Hong Kong Art Basel, took place the second iteration of Prada Mode, which takes over the third floor of Barrack Block of Tai Kwun, features special events presented by Prada include a special set up of the Prada Invites project and Dolls’ House, an installation by photographer Jamie Diamond, as well as conversations on actual themes. The inaugural iteration coincided with Art Basel: Miami Beach at the Freehand Miami in December 2018.


On March 27th, Hong Kong’s registered charity Design Trust hosted a conversation on “Architectural Activism–between heritage and innovation–HK and beyond”. An on-going Prada collaborator, Design Trust is a grant-funding platform that supports creative projects and research initiatives in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area region for the benefit of the public.
Speakers included Marisa Yiu (Co-founder / Executive Director of Design Trust), Aric Chen (Curatorial Director of Design Miami), Beatrice Leanza (Creative Director & Co-founder of B/Side Design), Ho Puay-peng (Professor Head of Department, Department of Architecture of School of Design and Environment in National University of Singapore), Hunter Tura (President and Chief Executive Officer of Bruce Mau Design), Alexander Groves (Co-founder of Studio Swine).


On March 28th, through the lens of several of Jamie Diamond’s projects including the installation Dolls’ House, Jamie Diamond talked about gender, role-playing, surrogacy, the mother-child relationship, and how photography may be used to create personal fictions.


Night 1

On March 27th, Design Trust and Vogue Hong Kong co-hosted a private dinner, followed by a party with DJ sets by Acyde, Fraser Cooke, Mimi Xu and Yasmina Dexter.
Guests included Marisa Yiu, Alan & Yenn Wong Lo, Jamie Diamond, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Talenia Phua Gajardo, Lu Xun, Mino, Aimee Song, Susie Lau, Jonathan Cheung, Harris Chan, Elly Lam, Chris & Victoria Tang Owen, Antonia Li, e Lindsay Jang. 

Night 2

On March 28th, a private dinner was hosted in honor of Jamie Diamond and Germano Celant on the occasion of Prada Mode Hong Kong, followed by a closing party with DJ sets by Acyde, Fraser Cooke, Mimi Xu and Yasmina Dexter.
Guests included Jérôme Sans, Lorenzo Fiaschi, Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Bryan Yambo, Tina Leung, Leaf Greener, Sonia Cheng Pong, Alan & Michelle Cheng Chan, Kevin & Sabrina Fung Lam, Olivia Croucher Buckingham, e Kevin Poon.