The first garden factory of the Prada Group opened in Montegranaro, in the Marche region. The building has been restored to embody the pioneering representation of the new architectural approach that will characterize the most important industrial sites of the Group.  

The Montegranaro factory is located in the heart of the footwear manufacturing district in the Marche region. The realization of the facility has been entrusted to Guido Canali, the architect who pioneered a design approach that integrates green within closed spaces in order to bestow harmony and wellbeing to its guests.

The clean and essential lines of the architectural structure express lightness delivering a balanced relation between interiors and landscape openings. Surrounded by the hills of Marche, the building is rhythmically paced by structural blades that guide the eye towards the horizon. 


The main body, halfway between a gallery and a winter garden features aerial walkways connecting the different buildings.

The limited height of the 5 meter-high factory contributes to minimizing the architectural impact outlining a horizontal structure delimited by large glass windows conceived to create a seamless connection between interior and the outdoor green spaces.

Through the Montegranaro factory, the Prada Group wishes to build harmony and salvage the relation between nature and man, investing in the wellbeing of people within working environments.    

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