The Prada Group acquired in 2014 the historic French tannery  Tannerie Limoges near Limoges. The operation is geared towards a re-launch of a production site that represents an example of excellence in the tanning industry.    

For over 70 years, the production of Tannerie Limoges has stood out for exquisite quality and specialization in lamb skins tanning, and particularly plongé nappa leather, a traditional technique related to the genius loci of this region of central France.

This acquisition has allowed the Prada Group to preserve the tannery’s precious artisanal knowhow, enhancing the historic manufacturing processes and specialized artisanal techniques that deliver extreme softness and high quality for multiple uses: clothing, footwear, luggage, gloves and leather goods.



The Group has hired the specialized local workers, who where previously employed at Tannerie, in order to enhance precious skilled craftsmanship and has implemented a complete modernisation of the structure increasing environmental performances.

The operation has highlighted the intention to consolidate an industrial connection for the research and development of new products featuring an increase of production capacity through a model of vertical integration of the production chain.    

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