A journey in Prada Group's sustainability strategy

The Group combines the distinctive elements of its know-how with principles inspired by the enhancement of people, the protection of the environment, the respect of ethical values and the promotion of culture, believing that in this way it can pursue an inclusive economic development.

Sustainability is a founding element of the Prada Group’s identity and is deeply rooted in the Company’s strategy. The most distinctive features of sustainability in Prada, such as the investment in culture, the harmonious integration with the local community, going through the investment in new sustainable materials and the growing importance of inclusivity in the working environments, and more generally, for the brand, are the principles contained in the Group’s Sustainability Policy which represents a formal commitment towards the communities in which it operates.

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“Nowadays sustainability topics, particularly environmental and social ones, are shared at every level, ranging from individuals to institutions. Even more significant, they represent sound values that transcend all cultures.”

CARLO MAZZI, Chairman of Prada S.p.A.

Letter to Stakeholders