Upcycled by Miu Miu is a special collection of vintage dresses reworked and transformed by Miu Miu. The collection, comprising just 80 one-off and numbered designs, is built around precious, anonymous finds, dating from the Thirties to the Eighties, carefully sourced from vintage clothing stores and markets worldwide.

“For 10 years I dressed in vintage. I always asked myself why I liked it so much, and I think it’s the history. Each dress represents a person, a piece of a life. For me, the past always had an incredible value because anything you learn comes from there.”

Miuccia Prada

From vintage pieces to Miu Miu creations

Entirely completed by hand, each Upcycled by Miu Miu dress is absolutely unique. In fact, once restored, pieces are re-fashioned and finished with signature Miu Miu embroideries and embellishments, in perfect coherence with the aesthetic codes of the brand. The lives of these vintage garments, already worn and loved in the past, are extended, renewed and sustained, enriching the existence of the women who will wear them by return.

Upcycled by Miu Miu dresses are available in nine selected Miu Miu boutiques worldwide: Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and St. Moritz.

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