Animal Welfare

Prada Group has strengthened its commitment to animal welfare by implementing a dedicated policy that addresses the potential impact on biodiversity, recognizing the importance and evolution of wildlife conservation. To meet these commitments to nature and its ecosystems, the Group aims to source animal fibers and materials only from responsible supply chains through robust verification schemes with measurable metrics and built-in traceability. 

Prada Group has not used animal fur in its designs or products since the SS20 Women’s collection, by joining the International Fur Free Retailer Program. Prada Group sells leather and other products considered by-products of the meat trade (example: sheepskin and calfskin). Existing inventory is being sold until it has been used up.

“Prada Group is committed to innovation and social responsibility. Our fur-free policy – reached following a positive dialogue with the Fur Free Alliance, in particular with LAV and the Humane Society of the United States - is an extension of this engagement. Focusing on innovative materials allows us to explore new boundaries of creative design while meeting the demand for ethical products.”

Miuccia Prada