Levanella Logistic Hub

The Logistic Hub at Levanella, in Tuscany, is the focal point of a major restructuring project regarding the logistics system for finished products. It was designed by architect Guido Canali to respect the environment and promote the wellbeing of workers with the planting of peripheral trees, artificial dunes, roof gardens, glass walls and walkways.

From the standpoint of energy efficiency, the hub represents the cutting edge of the Group’s industrial structure: the complex is fitted with a geothermal ‘summer/winter’ air-conditioning system, one of the largest in Tuscany in terms of the volume of water involved. This advanced system brings together the latest technology with the company’s desire to care for and protect the environment. Moreover, the park areas and outdoor services occupy over 70% of entire area of the structure.

Park areas 2018

Poplar trees


The Levanella Logistic Hub includes the new Clothing Quality Control Center, surrounded by greenery, with glass walls and open, luminous areas, to create a welcoming, efficient and relaxing workplace.
The project consists of three buildings, two existing and one nearing completion, devoted to logistics warehouses and quality control labs for the individual divisions.
This new department, located in a building separate from the main structure, has been designed to ensure the maximum quality level of each article of apparel, certified with a digital signature and with the ergonomic workstations where the articles can be processed both hanging and spread out. The department can operate with 21 workstations, of which four are dedicated to checking “Made to Measure”, “Made to Order” and “Special Order” products, with a daily control capacity of 4,000-5,000 pieces.