November 2017


Prada presents “The Postman’s Gifts”, a series of eight short films written and directed by the American director Autumn de Wilde.

Divided into two principal sections, “The Postman Dreams 2” – marking the continuation of the first episode of 2015 – and starring the iconic Prada Galleria bag, and “The Postman’s Gifts” dedicated to the accessories collection, these short films explore the personal obsessions and desires of the characters, who draw the public into worlds built with meticulous care in the bright colours typical of the West Coast.

Like the acts in a play, each of the films presents an alternative point of view of a reality in which surreal events are enacted without any reference to precise time or place.

The absolute protagonist of the four episodes of “The Postman Dreams 2” is the Prada Galleria bag, which becomes the fulcrum of the action and link between all the episodes, along with the Hollywood actor Elijah Wood in the role of the enigmatic postman.

Inspired by the intimacy of giving and the generosity innate to the Christmas season, these are four new shorts starring Prada accessories immersed in moments of pure fantasy in the surreal and imaginary world of Autumn de Wilde.

Each of the fascinating episodes – The Sensation, The Candy Jar, The Bubbles and The Jacket – unveils a different encounter between the characters and the accessories, idolised as though they were lucky totems or talismans.

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