May 2020



Milan, 5th May  2020 - #MIUME invites notable figures around the world from the realms of sport, art, dance and fashion to use their mobile phones to film themselves in their environment. Each participant will be dressed in clothing by Miu Miu, and all are free to present themselves in any manner they wish before the camera, elevating the selfie to a statement about identity and their particular sense of self. From the subjects’ homes around the world, these FaceTime moving-image self-portraits will be collated and curated for the first stage of this ongoing project. Several figures will be part of this project, and they will be unveiled gradually, from time to time.
We start with Harriet Verney, rediscovering her own bits from Miu Miu collections, playing with them and mixing them up.
Miu Miu fans too will be invited to do so responding to a call-out on Instagram.

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