May 2020


Milan, 4 May 2020 - In China, 20 May, or ‘5/20’, is a day that represents and celebrates love. To mark this date, Prada is running an original campaign featuring Kun, the eclectic Chinese singer as the protagonist of a short film which explores the emotion in all its various guises, in the context of the new way we live our daily lives due to the spread of Coronavirus, both during and after social distancing. The result is a definition of love: simultaneously universal and specific, timeless yet connected to the period we are currently living through.

Comprising both static images and a video, the digital campaign provides a vivid representation of how, even at a time of social distancing, emotions like love and hope remain free, alive in us, intense and untroubled, along with the passions that have always guided us and inspired our lives.

press release
“Prada 520 Mathematics of Love” digital campaign

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