May 2020


Milan, 6 May 2020 - Church’s is launching a fundraising digital marathon, running from 20 April to 31 May, with all proceeds from sales of Church’s ‘polishing kits’ going to support the fight against Covid-19.
Various influencers and opinion leaders are involved in the project, and will publish a video on Instagram illustrating their personal approach to polishing their Church’s shoes and nominating three other people to do the same, thereby triggering a digital marathon. They will also suggest that their followers create an Instagram story featuring the #ChurchsChallenge, in which they polish their shoes using a kit purchased from
The ‘polishing kits’ come in two different versions: a ‘home’ kit, which includes a black applicator, a grey applicator, a black brush, a grey brush, black polish, neutral polish, a cloth and a shoehorn, and a ‘travel’ kit, which comprises an applicator, a brush, black polish, neutral polish, a cloth and a shoehorn.

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