December 2019

Jean-Luc Godard: ‘Le Studio d’Orphée’

‘Le Studio d’Orphée’ is an atelier and a recording and editing studio that French film-maker Jean-Luc Godard has installed on the first floor of the Sud gallery at Fondazione Prada. The director has moved the various technical materials used in his films since 2010 to this space, providing viewers with direct contact with the creative process behind a piece of cinema for the first time. The word ‘atelier’ intentionally evokes the handcrafted dimension that characterises Godard’s directing, with links beyond film to the fields of theatre and visual arts. The feature film Le Livre d'image 2018 and another nine short films directed by Godard will be screened in ‘Le Studio d’Orphée’.

In addition, the soundtrack from Histoire(s) du cinema, an eight-part video work begun in 1988 and completed in 1998, is now playing in Torre’s lift.