June 2020


Milan, 23 June 2020 - The Prada Group met the IMLux students for the final presentation of their 3 months’ project work on sustainability. The inspiring speech was structured on 3 modules: EDUCATION, PERFORMANCE and INNOVATION, providing tangible suggestions delivered with such passion that young generations have towards the topic.

The day was introduced by the words of Prada S.p.A. Chairman Carlo Mazzi: “I believe that sharing one’s own opinions with open-minded and clever people, such as young university students, is a true opportunity and always a good method for overcoming boundaries and improving one’s targets.”

Professor Hakan Karaosman, who guided the students throughout this challenging experience, added: “The fashion system needs to be environmentally fair, socially just and economically inclusive: inclusion means collaboration among companies’ departments and along the supply chain as well as sharing knowledge for a more sustainable development.”

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