January 2022


Geneva, January 20th, 2022 - The Prada Group, founding member of Aura Blockchain Consortium, is glad to announce that Hennessy is being integrated into the Consortium’s platform,  bringing its expertise as the world's best-selling cognac founded in 1765. The Maison’s ambition joining the Aura Blockchain Consortium is to provide full traceability across the supply chain direct from the distillery to the consumer, by providing a unique experience all over the world adding value to the existing distribution network.

Laurent Boillot, CEO of Hennessy, commented: “The Aura Blockchain Consortium’s vision to push the boundaries of technology to publish a blockchain platform that will ensure the full traceability of products, from the origin of materials to direct to consumer, aligns with our goal to establish Hennessy as not only a market-leading product but a securely and equitably produced product.

Press release
Aura Blockchain Consortium Partners with Hennessy

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