Message from the Head of CSR

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Message from the Head of CSR

The year 2020, undoubtedly full of challenges, coincided with my first year as the Prada Group's Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, at a historical time in which sustainability is increasingly assuming strategic relevance for us and for business in general. I have lived these months with the sense of having an important opportunity, which I seized by moving forward with the projects already underway and starting up new ones. We focused on the development of initiatives capable of best representing Prada's values and those with which I can personally relate in my desire to accompany Prada into a decade decisive for its sustainable growth.

The recent events have given cause for deep reflection, benefiting the pursuit of solutions that demonstrate our continuous engagement and the intention to respond actively to external stimuli, while remaining consistent with our identity.

This has led, among other things, to the identification of a key officer in North America dedicated to diversity and inclusion, to assist the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, for the planning of strategies and programs to help ensure the representation of diverse cultures and perspectives at all company levels. More and more companies are participating in the debate over inclusion, and Prada intends to contribute with the role of activism that has always distinguished it. In this spirit, we joined The Valuable 500, whose value lies in the efforts of a wide range of sectors involved in changing the perception of disability in society and in the workplace.

As part of the promotion of culture, which has always played a significant role in Prada's investments, we have consolidated partnerships with various academic institutions and with UNESCO throughout 2020, sharing stimuli, ideas and new instruments with the young generations.

The Group's sustainability strategy also hinges on the work we are carrying out with the Fashion Pact. After years of investing in the construction, refurbishment and efficiency of the industrial facilities, as well as in photovoltaics and renewable energy, we have ambitiously reaffirmed our objectives and have started a process to measure our carbon footprint, necessary for determining ways to mitigate and reduce our environmental impact.

Finally, we continue to explore materials deriving from alternative processes and sources. The Prada Re-Nylon project is a prime example; with its challenging goal to completely convert to re-generated nylon by the end of 2021, it has accelerated the paradigm shift needed for sustainable growth and that looks to the future with new solutions.



Prada Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility