The Prada Group believes that collaborating with its stakeholders is key to the establishment of common values based on a balance between corporate objectives and societal demands. The Group is engaged on several fronts in the development and consolidation of cooperative ties with the communities where it does business, as they are deemed necessary for inclusive growth.

The Group’s role within The National Chamber for Italian Fashion

The Prada Group actively participates in the initiatives promoted by the National Chamber for Italian fashion, the institution promoting the development the industry in Italy and abroad.

The Group is a member of the ‘Sustainability, Ecology and Environment Commission’, an ambitious project conceived to create platform of environmental, ethical and qualitative tools and standards shared among the main players of the Italian fashion industry, to be promoted and applied throughout the production process, to the advantage of competitiveness of the entire country system.

The Group is also a member of the commission that elaborated the “Guidelines on eco-toxicological requirements for articles of clothing, leather goods, footwear and accessories” aimed at introduce new and more stringent parameters for the regulation of chemicals present in the products to improve their safety as well as reducing environmental pollution.

The Prada Group supports the “Manifesto of sustainability for Italian Fashion.”

Manifesto of Sustainability for Italian Fashion
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