Plastic on total packaging

Plastic represents less than 10% of the total packaging purchased by the Group. In 2023, the Group was able to complete the transition from polypropylene to microwave cardboard for sneaker boxes and from plastic to paper for knitted bags.

B2C and B2B plastic packaging vs The Fashion Pact targets*

In 2023, the Group has even exceeded The Fashion Pact's B2C target for 2025, with 56% of all B2C packaging made from 100% recycled plastic, two years ahead of schedule. The 2030 B2B target is also close to being met, with 40% currently made from fully recycled plastic.

*To ensure that at least 50% of all plastic packaging is 100% recycled, by 2025 for B2C and by 2030 for B2B.

Recycled and/or certified paper and cardboard

The Group is committed to purchasing FSC-certified and/or recycled paper/cardboard packaging and to always maintaining this percentage above 95%.

Beauty Packaging

In 2022, the Prada Group's investigation on circularity found a new application when, for the launch of the new Prada Paradoxe women's fragrance, a refillable bottle was chosen with a shape that reinvented the brand's most iconic code: its triangle logo. Thanks to a refill system that can be used an infinite number of times, customers now have the opportunity to keep the bottle, without having to replace it or throw it away. In 2023, the Prada Group also launched its first lines of beauty products. Thanks to close collaboration with prominent industry partners, Prada has extended its circular approach to some of the skincare and makeup products. The refillable mechanism is even simpler and more intuitive to ensure the best customer experience, redefining the concept of sustainable beauty.

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