Miu Miu Musings

Miu Miu Musings is the itinerant series of debates hosted by Miu Miu and moderated by journalist Penny Martin, which provides an intense form of cultural exchange and affords participants a chance to reflect on various issues. The debates tackle predefined topics, different each time, in various locations, where guests can sample dishes from menus created by female chefs from all over the world. Attendees – representing not only the fashion universe, but also the worlds of music, art and journalism – also have the opportunity to express their opinion by voting for or against the day’s motion. 

BEIJING 20 November 2019

The third debate in the programme was held at Cafe Zi in Beijing. During the lunch (a Chinese fusion menu created by chef May Chow), the moderator, along with editor Ann Friedman and artist Rosey Chan, invited participants to give their opinion on the topic of the day: This House Believes There is Nothing Original Under the Sun, an expression of biblical origin related to the concept of monotony. With 17 votes against and 10 in favour, the attendees established that “the Miu Miu Musings house unequivocally denies that There is Nothing New Under the Sun”.

NEW YORK 24 October 2019

The Beatrice Inn in New York hosted the second event. Over lunch, Penny Martin – alongside digital consultant Aminatou Sow and Charlotte Cotton, a curator of and writer about photography – moderated a debate on the subject We Need to Stop Taking Photographs. In the final vote, guests agreed that we should keep on snapping away!

LONDON 18 June 2019

The first of the three debates was held in the Victorian dining hall at Somerset House in London. Attendees were asked for their views on the motion This House Believes It’s Time to Break Up with Our Phones, in a debate moderated by Penny Martin and featuring actress Lauren Collins and design critic Alice Rawsthorn as speakers. With 19 votes against and 10 in favour, those who believe “it IS NOT time to break up with our phones!” were victorious in the end.

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