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February 7, 2024

A dishevelled sense of chic and a relaxed and confident attitude define the print and moving image campaign for the second Church’s X Miu Miu collaboration. First introduced for the Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show in Paris, for Spring/ Summer 2024 a new Church’s style has been reinterpreted: the ‘Shanghai’. Dating back to 1929, the Church’s X Miu Miu Shanghai exemplifies the modernity and refinement both names stand for.

Models Matilda Liedholm and Judith Shyambala are photographed by Lengua against the backdrop of a verdant country garden: the grandeur of topiary and a specially commissioned striped jacquard inspired by summertime upholstery frame the ease of their positioning and gestures: the natural and the mannered, the organic and the contrived are juxtaposed. The context of heritage is transported to a youthful new scenario, designed to enrich and inform the here and now.

Evoking a similar play between a respect for tradition and contemporary ease, the workmanship and structure of the shoe itself - its toe and heel - are conventional but that is softened by the use of a more rounded last, a natural colour palette and panels of malleable canvas spliced into aged leather, polished to luxurious effect.

The contrasts that lie at the heart of Miu Miu are upheld, given equal weight and value: the old and the new, the dressed and the undressed, the formal and the informal. Time passing and time standing still. 

Photography: Lengua
Creative direction: Edward Quarmby
Styling: Lotta Volkova
Cast: Matilda Liedholm, Judith Shyambala


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