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January 29, 2024


A vivid sense of beauty and of the beautifully real. A dishevelled chic. May Andersen, Emma Corrin, Angel Haze, Lexie Liu, Demi Singleton and Cailee Spaeny star in the Miu Miu print and moving image campaign for Spring/Summer 2024. A series of bold portraits, remarkable for both their simplicity and vitality, are captured in a space that is studiously hard to define. The Los Angeles sun orients the story, casting shadows at different angles as it follows its diurnal path and the surf swells outside.

The multi-disciplinary cast of actors, singers, models is on the move: bags overflowing with possessions. Are they on their way out or returning home; travelling to the beach or coming back from it? Each a distinct beauty in, there is a sense of immediacy, of singular physicality and of their owning their clothes. These too are full of character. Located firmly in the present, a prototypical wardrobe comprises swimwear, sportswear, evening wear, lightweight wool and cotton drill tailoring, elaborate embroideries and soft leather and suede. Materials are washed, distressed and carry distinctive markings with pride. Pale cottons and linens are treated to evoke precious vintage finds. Memories are traced across surfaces, embedded in seams. History is valued, carried forward - learned from.

Purpose and function are subverted. Juxtapositions surprise: a bathing slip with beaded cocktail wear; a striped T-shirt with a gold brocade skirt. The meaning of clothes connects. style is irreverent but always knowledgeable, conveying the complexity, layering and plurality of the world today. Time both drags and flies by. Expression and gesture shift. The spirit is outward facing and rebellious one moment, gently introspective the next. Overarching is a mood of positivity, of the joyful – of lives lived at their best. 

Photography: Zoë Ghertner
Creative direction: Edward Quarmby
Styling: Lotta Volkova
Cast: May Andersen, Emma Corrin, Angel Haze, Lexie Liu, Demi Singleton and Cailee Spaeny