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November 16, 2021

Engineered for high-performance sports, geared for metropolitan life - since 1997, Prada Linea Rossa has been inspired by and designed for champions. That encompasses the technicality of each garment, created to excel in all situations and under all conditions, but also the very ideology of Linea Rossa - of not just reaching your goals, but exceeding them.

To front the Linea Rossa Fall/Winter 2021 ski campaign, Prada turns to those who reflect this ongoing heritage of excellence - pioneers and champions, free-thinkers who push themselves beyond. For the second time, champion British-American freestyle skier, philanthropist and prominent LGBTQI+ figure Gus Kenworthy features in a Linea Rossa campaign. A figure of excellence across all fields, Kenworthy is as comfortable as an actor and rights activist as he is on the slopes - constantly striving to be the best.

For this ski campaign, Kenworthy is joined by another leading global figure in winter sports - the American snowboarder Julia Marino, gold-medal winner in the 2017 X Games. The first female boarder to win two medals at the same X Games in 17 years, Marino took 15 podium wins across the 2017-18 season. She has harnessed her renown and visibility to further causes close to her heart: on the women and youth empowerment front, she inspires young women to pursue their dreams, both on and off the slopes, opening up the traditionally male-dominated sport to a new generation of women. Both figures showcase the Fall/Winter 2021 Prada Linea Rossa ski collection - specifically calibrated for winter conditions, streamlined for speed, geared for life.

Captured in still images and a filmic short directed by Matt Pain, Kenworthy and Marino engage in a fierce battle across the slopes, a race between skier and snowboarder on their shared winter terrain. Their competition, however, harks back to the original root of that word - competere, ‘to strive for.’ Not a rivalry, but a sparring match, an urging of one another to push further and achieve. The ethos of champions, the attainment of excellence synonymous with Linea Rossa - a line to cross, to conqueror.

Director: Matt Pain
Photographer: Olav Stubberud
Talents: Gus Kenworthy, Julia Marino



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