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January 27, 2019


A constant dichotomy, between the liberated and the classic, the conventional and the extraordinary - the inherent duality of the Prada Spring/Summer 2019 collection is expounded through digital still and moving images comprising the new step of the next season of Prada 365.

Captured by Willy Vanderperre in the show venue of the Deposito, the monolithic performance hall of the Fondazione Prada, these images nevertheless proffer a fresh take. In contrast to the theatrical proportion of the runway, they render a sense of proximity, of intimacy and intensity - behind the scenes, rather than on stage, capturing a cast of women - Adut Akech, Emma Boyd, Maike Inga, Nikki Tissen, Kiki Willems, Anok Yai - direct from the performance of the runway show.

Precise, monochrome portraits contrast with the sensuous, the trajectories of the body boldly laid against strata of pure colour. Observed at this differing angle, from this alternative vantage-point, the Spring/Summer 2019 Prada collection is imbued with another life. A new duality, quintessentially Prada.


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