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January 1, 2019

Youthful irreverence set against a backdrop of the English stately home, Church’s Spring/Summer 2019 campaign follows three bright young things as they cavort and caper through the grounds of a grand Cornwallian estate.

With playful nonchalance, British photographer Tom Johnson propels the shoes into the limelight, capturing them in motion as their wearers race down hills, gambol amongst the reeds on the riverbank, and splash about the pool. As twilight arrives, our protagonists move inside the house, lounging over furniture with air of insouciant and simple elegance.

A delightful narrative, the Spring/Summer 2019 campaign perfectly evokes the Church’s spirit, celebrating the union of the contemporary with the traditional.

Church’s - established in 1873 in Northampton (UK) - has ever since been a world leader in manufacturing and distributing men's and women's top-quality footwear. In 1999 it became a part of the PRADA Group, that now owns 100% of its capital.