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November 20, 2018

Welcome Speeches
  • Astrid Welter, Head of Programs Fondazione Prada
    #AstridWelter, Head of Programs .@FondazionePrada Milan opens the floor to today’s discussions: “The Fondanzione has been set up to explore and bring together mind provoking and interesting ideas - that’s why it’s perfect to host today’s conference”.

  • Carlo Mazzi, Chairman of Prada S.p.A.
    @Prada Chairman #CarloMazzi welcomes today’s speakers and guests: “Digitalization makes an extraordinary contribution to sustainable development - we need to take a moment to think about what that really means. That is why we are here today”.
Round table 1 - Socio-Geopolitical impacts triggered by the digital evolution
  • Vittorio Grilli, Chairman of Italy and Chairman of the Corporate & Investment Bank EMEA at J.P. Morgan #VittorioGrilli, Chairman of Italy and of the Corporate & Investment Bank EMEA at .@ jpmorgan, introduces the frst roundtable of Shaping a Sustainable Digital Future. #sustainabledigitalization

    #VittorioGrilli: “When you have major technology innovations economic and political power concentrates and the world becomes more bipolar. Now we have the US on one side and China on the other. #sustainabledigitalization

  • Rachel Coldicutt, Dotoeveryone CEO
    .@RachelColdicutt, CEO, Doteveryone: “If things are easy to use, they are easy to understand and we go along without really questioning them – a lot happens in a way that we are not able to visualize because it just happens and it’s magical”. #sustainabledigitalization

  • Anil Menon, President of Cisco Smart+Connected Communities
    The #Cisco President, .@Anil_Cisco: “Up to 40% jobs are threatened by technology. The job proposition is now where the analytical skills come in to interpret the data. There are also opportunities to reskill people”. #sustainabledigitalization

  • Andrew Keen, Technology entrepreneur, critic and author .@ajkeen, #entrepreneur: “We have always broken the future and then recreated it – we have to demonstrate our agency if we are going to shape technology rather than allow technology to shape us”. #sustainabledigitalization

  • Jon Iwata, Executive-in-Residence, Yale School of Management Former IBM Chief Brand Ofcer & Senior Vice President
    .@coastw, @YaleSOM: “AI objectivity is a myth. These models are created by someone’s point of view and bias. We demand transparency of AI systems - but the day will come when people will need to know who trained and determines that system”. #sustainabledigitalization 

  • Ravi Dhar, Professor of Management and Marketing & Director of the Center for Customer Insights Yale School of Management
    #RaviDhar, @YaleSOM “Privacy is a very complicated issue – what does it mean? What are you willing to share? The idea that you should control your info sounds like an obvious one but it’s hard to regulate. What’s the responsibility of the individual?”. #sustainabledigitalization
Keynote speech  
  • Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman Emeritus, MIT Media Lab .@nnegroponte keynote speech: “Almost everything of no quality in your life comes from market forces. You have to ask yourself - are you working for mission or market?”. #sustainabledigitalization

    .@nnegroponte: “The greatest minds have considered the deep issues of intelligence in relation to AI - humour, happiness, music. Not superfcial stuff and function which is what amateurs think about”. #sustainabledigitalization

    .@nnegroponte’s powerful speech at today’s ‘Shaping a Future’ covered the fascinating interplay of capitalism, entrepreneurship, democracy, education, culture, ‘groupthink’ and ways of thinking about technology. #sustainabledigitalization
Round table 2- Will digital technologies preserve or disrupt cultural identities of individuals and communities?  

“Being” Project
, Students’ Hackathon presentation Shaping a Future’s winning Hackathon students presented their ‘Being’ project - and proposed #AI as a vital tool for preserving cultural heritage and craftsmanship. #sustainabledigitalization
  • Roberta Cocco, Deputy Mayor for Digital Transformation and Citizens Services at the Municipality of Milan
    .@robi_cocco: “We want to make Milan a truly ‘smart city’ by bridging the current digital gap and offering our citizens the most innovative digital services - the kind of services a private company can provide to its customers. #sustainabledigitilization

  • Andrea Illy, Chairman of illycaffè S.p.A.
    .@andrea_illy: “We are transitioning from a systemically unsustainable society to an age where we have to shift the paradigm. Private companies have a big role in this. Culture is a huge asset to society and private companies have to help preserve it”. #sustainabledigitilization

  • Elena Zambon, Chairman at Zambon S.p.A.
    #ElenaZambon, President of Zambon SpA: “You cannot predict, but you can invent the future. Innovation is nothing if it isn’t shared”. #sustainabledigitalization


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