May 2022


Milan, 11th May 2022 - For the campaign celebrating the Prada Symbole handbag, three artists approached the same subject matters - the Symbole, and the actor Hunter Schafer - in a series of divergent and distinct portraits.

A triptych in its conception, the campaign is created by three of art’s modern masters: Catherine Opie, Thomas Ruff and Carrie Mae Weems, symbolic and powerful names, whose work has rarely, if ever, been printed in the form of a fashion campaign. While respecting the processes and meanings inherent to both art and fashion, each questions and challenges the other, to create works that explores the blurred boundaries between these disciplines through mutual exchange.

Each artist regards the same figure, and the same object, but their practices, methodology and results are wildly individual. Like the Symbole itself, different sides - different facets - are discovered. Each series of images connects to a cannon of artistic expression: Opie’s work revolves around the body and identity, new codes of beauty; Ruff’s reinterprets ready-made images, distorting and manipulating reality; weems connects her imagery to concepts of identity, representation, projection - notions of transformation and courage.

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Prada The Symbole

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