January 2019


Prada unveils the duo of films, which show the streamlined modernism of the Prada Spring/Summer 2019 menswear collection, recontextualised by the cinematographic lexicon. Directed by Willy Vanderperre and with Benoît Debie as Director of Photography, the film shorts are enigmatic, a source of fascination, like a tantalizing fragment of a larger whole. Memories of historic moments of the silver screen, this diptych of shorts are not reiterations of movies past, but reinterpretations offering intriguing glimpses of character. Each episode is an examination of the duality central to Prada - two films, offering a second aesthetic interpretation of the collection, each showcasing multi-faceted protagonists exploring different sides of themselves. They are at once documentary and narrative combined, inexorably drawing the viewer in yet showcasing a heightened version of our own reality, rather than pure alternative.

Photographed and filmed by Willy Vanderperre
Models: Daan Duez, Jonas Glöer and Tae Min Park

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