June 2021


Prada Outdoor Garden SKP-S, Beijing

Milan, 9th June 2021 - Prada presents a series of pop up stores and in-store installations “Prada Outdoor” dedicated to the emotions conveyed by four settings – Garden, Coast, Mountain and Snow – featuring a selection of original products.
The setting is a luxurious private garden with bushes and flowers, with a lounge tent, a solarium for stretching and a picnic area with tables and chairs, outdoor cushions and sunshades.
A sand dunes, rocks, white and ocean-blue tents and sunshades, a place where people can relax in the sun. Amidst beach huts, surfboards and lookout towers, an exclusive collection takes shape, all connected to the theme of Coast. 

Designed as a luxurious trekking camp, the setting is dedicated to the authenticity of the mountains and the opportunities they provide for sport. An exclusive themed collection is displayed against the backdrop of this captivating environment, with spaces for socialising, relaxation areas and elements recalling alpine scenery.
The concept will be unveiled in the second half of 2021.

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