January 2020


In a time during which offering a simplified definition of oneself seems a universal ambition, Prada enjoys demonstrating the opposite. That is, indeed, more Prada. Acronyms become a playful metaphor for a confident embracing of the indefinability of the idea of Prada itself. They are juxtaposed with images, which amplify the defiance of a notion of consistent or conventional identity.

To bring this to life, the Prada Spring/Summer 2020 menswear campaign features a trinity of contemporary creatives, pivotal cultural personalities of now and archetypes of the hyper fragmented mindset of tomorrow: the musician Frank Ocean, the actor Austin Butler, and the director, screenwriter and producer Nicolas Winding Refn.

Each of these men uses words to define themselves: the lyrics of a song, the words of a script. They are a blueprint, a template, for life, for living, for feeling. Here, words are used as a means to redefine the image, to attempt to define the indefinable - PRADA. The acronyms are influenced by abstract ideas, thoughts, notions: they provoke, sometimes adding context, sometimes positing a contradiction, always sparking thought.