January 2018


Church’s has chosen a symbol of Britishness, the White Cliffs of Dover, as the setting for its Spring/Summer 2018 advertising campaign.

Photographer Jamie Hawkesworth has taken a fresh approach for the campaign, depicting a witty series of imaginary, vaguely dreamlike situations: a run along the beach, the irreverent pride of a child playing with shoes stolen from his dad, and the surreal image of a shoe sticking out of the sand at sunset... These images, a series of snapshots that evoke a quintessential sense of Britishness, leave room for the imagination and for numerous interpretations. The timeless photos, in colour for the first time, show the natural environment  merging with the campaign’s key characters to tell a story with the collection at its heart, representing both tradition and modernity.

Church’s has also created a short film that revisits the locations and the shots taken for the campaign.    

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