March 2023


Paris, March 7th 2023 - A point of view as an act of intervention, and invention. The Fall/Winter 2023 Miu Miu collection is focused on the instinctive process of looking, ways of seeing, and how an act of observation can in turn transform the object of its focus. Looking is a window to thinking.

In the Palais d’Iena, models walk on a sequence of raised walkways to aid our observation. Alongside is an installation by South Korean artist Geumhyung Jeong whose performance-based pieces, centered around her body alone, demand an audience. Screens featuring Jeong’s specially conceived work - examining the relationship between her own body and clothing - form punctuation to the space, inviting and arresting our attention, demanding to be watched. Presented with a variety of possibilities, we are obliged to think.

The materials used for the décor of the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023 show will find new life after the event thanks to LA RÉSERVE DES ARTS, a non-profit association which supports the cultural and creative sector in the development of the circular and solidarity economy, it offers collection, recovery and re-circulation services for all types of materials from the various creative activities in the cultural sector.

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Miu Miu F/W 2023 fashion show: Ways of Looking

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